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Bot Friendly Community
Bot Friendly

Just because you’re at work, with family, or studying for exams doesn’t mean you can't progress.

The Basics
  • Lineage 2 High Five: Part 5
  • Optimized Server for Long Botting Sessions
  • No Large-Scale Customs
  • Community Buffer
Bot Friendly Features
Bot Friendly Features
  • Forward Drop to Leader
  • Party Follow Teleport
  • Party Follow .town
  • Party Buff Schemes
  • Quick Trade
Rates (Erica)

XP/SP x1
Drop/Spoil/Adena x1
Premium Account +30%
Vitality +30%

No Pay to Win
No Pay to Win

Donations are not rewarded with large advantages over players who do not donate.
Rewards found at Dimensional Merchant.

No Wipes
No Wipes

Feel free to dig in for the long haul and take time to explore all Lineage 2 High Five has to offer. We're not going anywhere.

Master Account Portal
Master Account Portal

The go to place for your out of game character management. No more logging in and out of each character to see every character’s inventory.

Master Craft
Master Craft

Lineage 2 Crafting was never been this easy. Find what you need to farm, what you have and where in few clicks!

If you’ve found us and you’re still reading, you’re likely searching for a new L2 experience, so let’s tell you a little bit about our unique gaming lineage. Our administrative staff started Lineage2 when it first came out in Chronicle 1: The Chaotic Throne. We invested significant time playing manually, but today our lives are much different than they were so many years ago. Many of us like you have families, careers, attend universities, etc. and don’t have the luxury of devoting significant time to playing by hand.

Our team stands ready to exemplify and help create a real community with guides and botting advice. We’ve been there before. We’ve struggled with learning the many complexities of Lineage2, botting, scripting, and private servers who do not provide a stable and predictable gaming environment. Most of our staff have made significant contributions to private servers whether they be financial, assisting players on discord and forums alike, posting guides, and providing technical assistance. From this experience we saw an opportunity to add something new to the L2 botting community.

For these and other reasons we give You L2Toggle.


Claim Rewards In-Game
Use command .votereward

Vote on HopZone.Net Vote on l2topzone.com


A Few Updates
Mantosh - October 30, 2023

A few updates have been deployed to both servers - Orfen drop upgrades, improved Clan Hall Auction dialog, and a couple of minor fixes. Also, work has started to progress Erica out of early game stage.

Erica Launched
Mantosh - May 27th, 2023

Our Hardcore project Erica has successfully launched! Joined the growing ranks of hardcore players now!

Erica Launch Announcement
Arthose - May 9, 2023

After a 'brief waiting period' we are happy to announce the launch date of our latest server creation, Erica. Erica will be launching on May 27th, 2023!

Erica Announcement
Mantosh - January 1, 2023

We are happy to announce the next chapter of L2Toggle - a new hardcore botting server starting 2023 - Erica! The open beta server will start in the next few days to allow us all to test things out while we work on bringing Erica's vision to life.

Bartz and Kain Merger
Arthose - September 06, 2022

After much consideration, we have decided that Bartz & Kain will be merged into Bartz to prepare for a launch of a new season on Kain. While more information will be available on that Soon™, the first order of official business is to do a little housekeeping and make room for our future plans.

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